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Meet Barrhonda White, PCC

Certified. Passionate. Supportive.

Barrhonda is a certified and credentialed executive coach by way of Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership.  She offers over 22 years of corporate business experience, over 11 years of leadership coaching experience and 4 years experience as an adjunct instructor.  Barrhonda has earned an undergraduate degree in sociology, a MBA, a masters in mental health counseling and is currently working towards a PhD in Industrial / Organizational Psychology (Leadership Development and Coaching Specialization).  As such, she is a continuous learner for the sake of deepening her contribution to the development of her clients.  Barrhonda's aim is to be in service to others through transformational coaching and she has an innate passion for helping others to realize the limitless flame of potential that sparks within.  Barrhonda's theoretical platform as a coach incorporates cognitive behavioral theory, positive psychology and self-discrepancy theory.  With this in mind, Barrhonda's goal as a coach is to broaden perspectives, upgrade strengths and prepare clients for their proud moments.   On a personal note, Barrhonda is a mother, a small business owner and subscribes to "living with no regrets".

Successful Work Team

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare