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“Barrhonda enabled me to see and incorporate new perspectives that helped me grow into a next level leadership style.  Through her coaching and facilitation skills she brought forth the realization that I didn't work to make money, I actually worked because I love what I am doing day to day.  This revelation fundamentally changed my engagement approach with peers and my team by broadening my ability to coach and mentor others.  Resolving this long-time conflict between what I loved to do outside of work and the reasons I come to work has been life altering.”

Fortune 200 Financial Institution

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“The benefits I experienced from my coaching relationship with Ms. White include very good feedback tools and help with self-awareness in improving communications with staff.

As a result of the Executive Coaching that Ms. White provided to me, my staff has commented that our communications level and teamwork has improved, thus enhancing productivity!”

Federal Government Agency


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“Working with Barrhonda helped me to identify what was disrupting and distracting me from reaching my potential. She then guided me through a progressive plan to begin seeing, acting, and thinking differently. Using the tools and techniques Barrhonda has coached me through, I have broader impact and influence both professionally and personally.” 

Fortune 200 Financial Institution

Emeging Leader

“Barrhonda established a very trusting, open, progressive, caring and accomplishment-oriented atmosphere right from the outset, which I believe enabled great progress.  Barrhonda was also very open herself, often sharing personal experiences which further emphasized key points and concepts.  She very adeptly blends guidance with self-discovery, making her a tremendously effective coach.”

Fortune 200 Financial Institution

Emerging Leader

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“Through Barrhonda’s coaching, I developed a greater since of my personal leadership style, strengths, and short-comings.  I thought she did a terrific job of listening, providing feedback, asking thought-provoking questions, and providing examples that were relevant.”

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